Watershed Heroes

This award-winning habitat is home to North American river otters, eye-level aquariums of native fish, and the McLean Raptor Aviary with American bald eagles, common ravens, and northern spotted owl. 

Watershed Heroes immerses guests of all ages in the wonderful world of our local watershed and features interpretive play elements that include animal tracks, a watershed splash pad, an underwater otter viewing tunnel, and a life-size bald eagle nest.

  1. Winky, a northern spotted owl

    A dwindling species...

    Winky is the northern spotted owl that lives in the McLean Raptor Aviary. Read on...
  2. Ravens 01

    Enrichment is a large part of raven care

    Edgar and Buddy are the raven duo in the McLean Raptor Aviary... Read on...
  3. Bald Eagle 01

    Eagles have heavy nests and love Salmon best

    The two bald eagles that live in the McLean Raptor Aviary at the Sequoia Park Zoo... Read on...
  4. River Otter 01

    River otters love clean water

    Sequoia Park Zoo is home to a trio of North American river otters - brothers Toby, Etu, and Takoda! Read on...
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