Nancy Hilfiker Aviary

This free-flight aviary showcases species from across the globe with a winding walkway that invites guests to stop and observe some of the amazing birds that call Sequoia Park Zoo home. The Nancy Hilfiker Aviary houses a diverse population of birds, including the African gray parrot, spotted whistling duck, white-crested laughing thrush, scarlet ibis, golden pheasant, and more! Keen observers might even catch a glimpse of the cotton-top tamarins enjoying their special outdoor patio attached to the Aviary.

  1. Jaco the African grey parrot straddles the he created in a redwood stump

    Update from Jaco the Parrot

    Jaco has been very, very busy excavating the redwood stump in the Nancy Hilfiker Aviary! He took this task upon himself to complete. Read on...
  2. Scarlet Ibis

    Scarlet Ibis

    The scarlet ibis is native to tropical South America and parts of the Caribbean, and can be found in marshes, mudflats, and estuaries. Read on...
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