About Us

Sequoia Park Zoo EntryA perfect day on the Redwood Coast begins with a visit to the Sequoia Park Zoo! Founded in 1907, it is the oldest zoo in California and is home to over 150 animals from across 50 different species. Located on six acres adjacent to a magnificent redwood forest, the Sequoia Park Zoo offers an intimate and accessible experience for all. From red pandas to Chilean flamingos, there are so many animals to meet! The Redwood Sky Walk at Sequoia Park Zoo is a self-guided interpretive experience designed to educate, inspire, and delight visitors of all ages and abilities. Guests will take in the wonders of the world’s tallest trees from a series of ramps, platforms, and bridges - some suspended 100 feet above the forest floor! The Redwood Sky Walk is ADA accessible, with the exception of an optional adventure segment. 

The newly-opened, state-of-the-art black bear and coyote habitat introduces visitors to some of the largest animals in the redwood region. The award-winning Watershed Heroes habitat is home to North American river otters, eye-level aquariums with native fish, and the McLean Raptor Aviary and features an immersive watershed playscape and underwater otter viewing tunnel. The Nancy Hilfiker Aviary showcases birds from across the globe with a winding walkway inside the free-flight habitat, and the Barnyard is a hands-on opportunity for guests to connect with the domestic animals that call the Zoo home. 

Guests can grab a delicious bite at the Ecos Café and purchase a souvenir at the Gift Shop to remember their visit to the Zoo. Featuring eco-friendly plush, a variety of books, and a range of apparel options, everyone can find something fun at the Gift Shop. The Sequoia Park Zoo is proudly accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums and upholds the highest standards in animal care, education, and conservation. Sequoia Park Zoo inspires conservation of the natural world by instilling wonder, respect, and passion for wildlife.