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  1. Perrito the bush dog, a small South American canine, gnaws on firehose enrichment cube

    Support the Animal Enrichment Fund!

    You can support animals at Sequoia Park Zoo by making a donation to the Animal Enrichment Fund! Read on...
  2. SPZF Now Hiring ED Graphic

    Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation is HIRING!

    Are you ready for one of the most unique, inspiring and community engaging careers on the North Coast? Spend your days supporting and working with amazing staff, engaging partners, and the very best furry, feathered, finned and scaly zoo friends! Learn more...
  3. Close up of a red panda with overlaid text information about free admission for firefighters

    September is FREE for Firefighters

    In appreciation for those serving our community and beyond, Sequoia Park Zoo is offering FREE admission to firefighters and staff of supporting agencies for the entire month of September! Learn more...
  4. Close-up angle of Pocket the Virginia opossum with an emphasis on her nose

    Meet Pocket the Opossum!

    Pocket lives in the Barnyard at Sequoia Park Zoo and can often be found napping in her peek-a-boo cubby den. Read on...
  5. Noni water play

    Noni loves the water!

    Everyone knows when summer comes around in Humboldt - it's time to play in the water! Whether it's in Sequoia Park Zoo's watershed play area, or at local beaches and rivers - we all have our favorite places to cool off. View full video on Facebook
  6. USAToday Best Areial Park in the country 2023

    Voted Best Aerial Adventure Park in the Country!!

    We have exciting news to share from the Sequoia Park Zoo! Read on...
  7. Picture of black bear, Tule from Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.

    Please Welcome Tule and Noni to the Zoo!

    We are very excited to introduce two black bears, Tule and Noni, to the Sequoia Park Zoo... Read on...
  8. Sequoia Park Zoo SM12-222

    Donate your Bamboo

    Did you know? Sequoia Park Zoo can accept freshly cut and organic bamboo to help supplement the bamboo we have on grounds for the Red Pandas. Read on...
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