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Posted on: June 30, 2023

Eagles have heavy nests and love Salmon best

Bald Eagle 01

Cheyenne and Juneau are the two bald eagles that live in the McLean Raptor Aviary at the Sequoia Park Zoo. Both eagles were hurt in the wild and are unable to fly. Because they cannot be released, they are cared for by the wonderful staff at the Sequoia Park Zoo. Bald eagles live in forested areas next to large bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, and coasts, across the United States, Canada, and into northern parts of Mexico. They are some of the largest birds of prey in North America. Bald eagles have big, sharp beaks and claws called talons, which they use to catch their prey. Eagles will catch mice, rats, and birds - but their very favorite food is fish - especially salmon. They have even been known to steal meals from other animals and eagles. Bald eagles lay their eggs in a nest at the top of a tall tree. Both parents care for their babies together - and they take turns looking for food and keeping the eaglets safe. Bald eagles can return to the same nest every year and will keep building and adding to it. Some eagle nests can weigh a ton - way up at the top of a tree!

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